It's all about the boobs on this chilly cold Hump Night. Fitting right? They're warm, squishy and greeaatt (like Tony The Tiger). So why not show them loads of love in the 'Pump or Dump' pub. Oh, the deal with the pub? You're hanging out having a few drinks and two very lovely ladies approach you asking: 'Who you taking home?' Pretty simple, no?

Hump Day of last week resulted in Katy Perry and her boobs dominating Vida Guerra's booty. Peep the results here.

Ps- Vida- Thanks for the memories and that booty- Your assets have kept us happy for years- Please, keep that thing round and proud! ;-)

Tonight's Main Event:

Tonight we have a real doozie! Katy and her Grammy/YouTube boobs are back and aren't you stoked? Word is out, she may be engaged to John Mayer. One can hope those two will not decide to get real weird and tape themselves enjoying each other. Something tells me it would resemble old school porn vids with nothing but hairy ass shots. Speaking of hairy ass shots, Stormy Daniels isn't rocking any of that. In fact, her skill level when it comes to showing off her fantastic mam's are above par and always dead on. Have you not seen any of her vids? Stormy is straight fire and ready to take Katy and her boobs out. Off we go?

Ding Ding Ding!!!

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