Some of us still remember when Latham, NY was the place to be for entertainment in the Capital Region. I still remember the Starlight Music Theater.

It was not always the Starlight Music Theater, it was also known as The Colonie Musical Theater, the Colonie Summer Theater and the Colonie Coliseum.

Mike Tyson fought there once.

I only went there once in the early '90s for my brother's graduation from Shaker High School. I was blown away at the size of the place that I did not know existed just 10 minutes away from where I lived.

I remember that the ventilation system was terrible and that I kept asking my parents if we could go during the graduation ceremony because I was hot and I had to go to the bathroom. They told me to wait until we got home, and now I feel cheated. I am never going to be able to use the bathroom at the Starlight Music Theater, because it's gone. That's not the only reason why I feel cheated at the absence of the Starlight Music Theater because if I really wanted to, I could take a drive over and pee in the bushes where it used to be and pretend that I am using the bathroom.

I feel cheated because Latham used to have concert venues, Latham used to have a mall and Latham used to have a Playland and now all Latham is left with is the stupid circle.

Although I enjoy seeing all the new restaurants and super markets being built in Latham, because it amuses me that we need that many places to shop and eat, I am still upset because there is no place in Latham to catch a concert or a stand-up comedy show.

I guess I am just going to have to settle for Night Moves.

But I don't like the music that they play there and none of the girls tell jokes. They're only funny when your friend's dad is arresting someone you went to high school with for letting him touch her during a couch dance.

Fun Fact: I once lived in the house behind Night Moves. My cat, Dr. Gonzo, is buried in the backyard.

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