From green to gold in just one week. That is what it seemed like for the fall foliage around much of New York State this past week. The trees were hanging on to their summer attire and then all of a sudden they popped. This weekend's forecast may be grey but the trees will be bursting with color.

Don't waste your heading in the wrong direction. Here are your 2023 Fall Foliage Map Predictions for New York State. Take a look at the timetable below to plan your leaf-peeping adventure this season.

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As you will see from the map below the leaves have come and gone in much of the Adirondacks, Wester New York and parts of the Catskills. The question is, where to go to see peak conditions this weekend.

Take a look at the maps below to maximize your leaf-peeping potential this weekend and see what to expect in the coming weeks. Looks like the Capital Region, Greater Niagara and the Finger Lakes are the hot spots. Here's a sample of what the entire state looks like heading into this weekend according to I Love NY.

I Love New York
I Love New York

Here are some New York regions to keep an eye on for nature's fireworks.

  • Capital Region: Peak by the third week of October
  • Central New York: Peak by the middle of October
  • Finger Lakes Region: Peak by late October
  • Greater Niagara: Peak by the last week of October
  • Hudson Valley: Peak by the third week of October
  • Long Island: Peak by November

Check out these maps to plan your fall foliage excursions. Keep checking back for updates!

New York Fall Foliage Map 2023

Timing is everything if you want to do some leaf peeping. This is what you can expect in New York State and the entire Northeast for Fall 2023.

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