This plan is fool proof.

Target must be under new ownership. They're talking about a new store in Chicago which will have a liquor licence, and not just one to sell alcohol. Oh no, to consume as well, reports Thrillist.

I'm sure the thought here is a relaxing jaunt around the store with a cold beverage in your hand that will keep you happy and shopping longer. I'm pretty sure the reality will be bar rage spilling over in the aisles. You thought Black Friday was bad last year? Imagine the carnage when most of those people are also drunk.

Now I'm guessing this store is in some kind of metro area with a really good transportation system, because every time I've ever gone to Target, it's been via me driving. Now after a five-and-a-half hour booze-fueled shopping spree where I only bought four seasons of "Breaking Bad," a chair with a Batman logo and footed pajamas that are for me, how am I supposed to get home?