Just when you thought she was out of the woods Lindsay could be facing jail time once again.

Looks like more trouble on the way for Lindsay Lohan.  TMZ is reporting that Dawn Holland, a former staff member of the Betty Ford Clinic, is now pressing charges against Lohan for assault.  The incident occurred over a month ago but Holland has decided to now come forward and go through with the case.

Lohan reportedly assaulted Holland when she was caught violating her curfew at the Betty Ford clinic.  Holland has since been fired, and at the time told authorities she has no desire to press charges but the Riverside police are turning things over the District Attorney who will go through with it.

Lohan's probation stated she could not break any laws, and assault would therefore violate that.  If she is found guilty, Lindsay could end up back in jail.  You can check out pictures of Dawn Hollands "injuries" here.  Though they seem to be minor at best.