I've never wanted so badly to eat something more then I want to eat a freaking lion right now! Lion meat tacos make all the since in the world. Have you ever seen a lion? They are giant beautiful fierce cats just covered in rippling delicious looking muscles.

According to the Huffington Post a restaurant in Florida is now offering Lion meat as a choice for their tacos. Taco Fusion in Tampa offers a wide verity of exotic animal meats including bison, shark, ostrich, gator, gazelle, rabbit, duck, camel and kangaroo. Soon they will also be offering Iguana, bear and zebra on the menu. This is convenient because these are all animals I see at the zoo and think to myself “man, I would love to eat the hell out of that”!

The idea of avenging the great Siegfried and eat a Lion entices me. However, I’m not certain I would go out of my way to do so. The next time I am in Tamp I may try to go to Fusion Taco for a quick Lion taco but I’m not hopping on a plane just yet. Maybe if I’m lucky enough to be a the zoo with a bottle of chipotle ranch sauce I may hop the fence to get me a bite, but who knows how hungry I’ll be that day. I’m just waiting for the day that fusion Taco offers Bald Eagle as a choice for their Tacos. Now that’s a taco I’d buy a plane ticket for. I got nothing against Bald Eagles I just want to know what freedom taste like with sour cream.