This is the stuff movies are made out of.  Seriously, this news story could be a movie plot.  Unfortunately, it was reality for a trusting couple not far from Albany in Gilboa, New York.  The Times Union reported a story today about a home health aid known as ‘Anna’ who cared for a Gilboa couple, in their trust and being treated as a member of their family.  However, while the couple knew her as ‘Anna’ the health aid, she was reportedly really known as Nazo Gaprindashvili, working as a high-level associate in the Russian Mob.

The Times Union reported that Gaprindashvili was a confidant of one of the most powerful New York City Russian mob bosses named Razhden Shulaya.  Apparently, Gaprindashvili, his high-up associate, helped out with things like big-money shakedowns, and pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy in February.  The worst part about it is that according to the Times Union, she also filtered tens of thousands of dollars from the Gilboa couple she cared for to personal and other bank accounts. Talk about a horror story!  You can read all the details, and more about the bigger mob bust that she was part of, at the Times Union. I can not imagine this scenario happening to someone that I knew or loved.  Can you imagine letting someone in your home who turned out to be a big-time mobster?!  Horrifying.