Ready to get your spook on?

Apparently one of the best haunted hotels is located not far from the Capital Region.  The Sagamore Resort on Lake George was chosen as one of the best haunted hotels according to the Times Union.  Obviously this caught my eye as a lover of everything spooky and occult.  I’ve never stayed there or been there, but if it’s reported as haunted, it was worth reading about.

The list originally came from USA Today’s 10Best choices.  New York actually took up three of the top ten spots as the list was chosen from locations nationwide. These ten were chosen by popular vote.  So here’s the thing-

The hotel looks really beautiful.  When I think of spooky, I do think of old and beautiful but I usually picture dilapidated and scary.  It doesn’t fit in to the latter, so it’s gotta be one of those places where you hear bumps in the night or maybe see lights flicker.  What do you think?  Have you ever stayed there or experienced anything?



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