Yesterday I was walking my dog when I thought I heard gun shots in the distance. Next thing I see and hear is a car rattling up the street. I assume the "get off my lawn" stare I gave prompted him to fix the noise coming out of his vehicle. Or maybe 30 days in jail and some fines would do it.

With the newly amended New York State law, motorists, inspection stations and repair shops are all at risk.

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As of Friday April 1, 2022, according to a March 22nd New York State Department of Motor Vehicle memo, you could be fined and/or jailed if you violate the amended exhaust equipment laws  Here are some highlights:

  • You cannot sell, offer to sell or install a device that increases the muffler's noise to be louder than originally installed on a motor vehicle.
  • You cannot sell "straight pipes" or a motorcycle exhaust that has been modified to increase the muffler's noise louder than the system originally installed on a motor vehicle.
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Should you be found in violation of these amended laws there are a few things that could happen.

  • Fined up to $1,000
  • Imprisonment, up to 30 days
  • $500 maximum fine for operating an excessively loud motorcycle

In October of 2021 Governor Hochul signed legislation cracking down on noisy, illegal mufflers and exhaust systems. The intention is to protect public health, safety and quality of life.

Every New Yorker deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their community, and that includes cracking down on excessively noisy vehicles on our streets," - Governor Hochul 

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