Those online scammers are back at it again this time they're posing as the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to steal your personal information.

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You know hackers and scammers sure do seem to put in a whole lot of work and effort into stealing your information. I feel like if they would just apply that effort to a real job they wouldn't have to steal from people. But hey, what do I know?

News10 is reporting that online hackers are at it again and are specifically targeting New Yorker's. There is an fraudulent email circulating claiming to be from the New York Department of Motor Vehicles saying that you have a ticket that must be paid within 48 hours or your license will be revoked and contains links asking you to refute the ticket or plead guilty.

The DMV is warning people NOT to click on these links because they "direct people to a malicious download, potentially exposing the person to a computer virus." Yikes!

They say if you receive this email to delete it immediately “The Department of Motor Vehicles does not send emails urging motorists to pay traffic tickets within 48 hours or lose your license.”

I feel like most of us know whether or not we have unpaid tickets but as someone who lives in the city and has to deal with street parking I can get how you could be like "Oh man, did I pay that?" and to be honest sometimes when I'm parked in a some what sketchy spot or am a few minutes late to move my car I wonder if it's possible a ticket blew off.

However, if you do get an email from the DMV the bogus email reads something like this:

“Dear Driver:

We are writing to inform you that the state police department has notified us that you have several outstanding traffic violations.  If you do not make restitution for these infractions within 48 hours, we will be forced to revoke your driver’s license.

To make payment arrangements online, click here.

To refute these tickets, click here.



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