Noooo.. it can't be!! Where will Isaac serve up our cocktails, or Gopher and Captain Stubing find romance at sea with middle aged women?  The original cruise ship that was featured on the 1970's television show 'The Love Boat' created by Aaron Spelling is headed to be scraped.  

The 19,903 ton, 600 passenger cruise ship that is close to 40 years old was sold to an Turkish demolition team for 3.3 million dollars.  The Pacific Princess was the backdrop of the TV show that aired from 1976-1986 and has been idol in Italy for about two years. The last time the ship sailed for Princess cruise lines was in 2002.

Many actors and actresses guest starred on the Love Boat including Charo, Carol Channing, Ethel Merman, Eve plumb, Kristi McNichol, Scott Baio,  Suzanne Somers, Jimmie Walker and many many others.