You can’t just watch a show anymore, you have to binge. If you’re not binging and you’re doing it the old school way of waiting week-to-week, you’re still kind of binging. On demand and DVR gives you the opportunity and temptation to arrange your own binge sessions.

You don’t even need On Demand or DVR sometimes, especially if you're a Law & Order fan.

‘Binge Watching’ has taken over thanks to them darn Millennials, but I have found a way to fight fire with fire.

I am currently binging on: Roseanne, 3rd Rock from the Sun and Game of Thrones.

I am using the Millennial’s ‘Binge Watching’ to revisit shows from my generation as I continue to embrace a newer show. I am doing what Millennials do while still being a stubborn Generation Xer and I am creating my own custom lineup.

Why I am binging on these particular shows is a completely different story but still relevant to this blog.

I am binging on Roseanne because: I want to be prepared for the show’s highly anticipated return. I know that it is on regular cable all of the time and I must of seen every episode already but I wanted to watch it in order because I never have before.

I found Seasons 1-9 on Amazon Prime and I have been enjoying watching the evolution of the Conner Family.

What I have learned from revisiting the show is that I love the nostalgia but I still can’t stand Tom Arnold or Sandra Bernhard. I always find Becky 2 more attractive then Becky 1, the best seasons of the show are the middle ones when Darlene starts wearing all black and becomes super sarcastic.

I am binging on 3rd Rock from the Sun because: Why not?!? I love that show! Aliens trying to learn how to be human never gets old for me and it keeps getting funnier every time I see it. When I found it on Amazon Prime I could not resist!

I am binging on Game of Thrones because: I tried binging on The Alienist and Waco but I forget to set up my DVR and they slack too hard on putting the episodes On Demand so I have decided that I will wait on those two. I needed a non-comedy show to binge on along with the two comedies and I did not want to take the risk with something new that can possibly disappoint me, so I decided to revisit Game of Thrones from the beginning.

So far I have noticed that the foreshadowing in the story is amazing and possibly deeper then anything I have ever seen before.

I also noticed that you see Emilia Clarke naked so often that eventually you don’t even notice when she is naked.

That is what I am binging on but I want to know what the Capital Region is binging on?

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