Drive down Round Lake Road in Malta and you'll be sure hit one, if not several, roundabouts. The road is lines with them with possibly more to come and some residents aren't too happy.

The new roundabouts would go in at Raylinksy/Ruhel roads and near Chango Drive. The town board says they met with two engineering firms with both recommending the new roundabouts in those locations. They want to add the roundabouts to cut down on speed and congestion

Residents who oppose the new additions to Round Lake Road took to Chango Drive to protest on Saturday Morning. Some residents say they are concerned about pedestrians, especially children, trying to cross the new roundabouts. There is a school nearby on Chango Drive.

The other concern, eminent domain. In order to build the new roundabouts, the town would have to take pieces of 13 separate properties.

The town plans to hold a public hearing today (March 3).

[News 10]


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