A man who was seen yelling and walking on broken ice of the frozen Mohawk River is being evaluated at an area hospital.

According to The Daily Gazette, Schenectady police were called by Rivers Casino and Resort security staff Monday about a man on broken ice in the river. The man initially ignored commands by emergency responders to come off the river and just continued to walk and yell. Police were eventually able to locate him in a wooded area along the Mohawk-Hudson Bike path. The man who's name was not released was taken to Ellis Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Glenville police chief Stepehen Janik said that due to the ice jams appearing on the Mohawk River, it makes for an unsafe environment, and walking on the river is "not something someone thinking clearly would do." Taking that into consideration, that was the reason they transported the man to the hospital for a mental evaluation. The man was not being charged with anything.