Competitive eaters are really amazing considering what they can pound down in a short amount of time. 'Megatoad' Matt Stonie went to Chipotle to 'show up' a fellow competitor and the result is insane to watch.

According to the video on YouTube, Matt saw a video of competitive eater 'LA Beast' Kevin Strahle eating at the burrito chain and felt the need to respond:

So I saw a video of The "LA Beast"/Kevin Strahle eating Chipotle burritos like a baby, so I felt I needed to show him how to do it right. Challenge today is 4 burritos of any kinda, I did 2 Chicken/2 Steak, and a Diet Coke.

Well, he completed the challenge in 3 minutes! Most people can barely finish one burrito in a single session but he killed four.