Chipotle is showing their appreciation for nurses this week with a deal to get free food!  I saw this posted by Refinery 29, and as a huge supporter of nursing and people in public service, I had to share.  This Tuesday (June 5th), nurses of all kinds can get hooked up with a 'Buy One Get One' deal.  With an entree, nurses can also get a free burrito, bowl, salad, or taco order.  PLUS, it applies to nurses of all kinds- not just RNs, but NP's (nurse practitioners), CNAs (certified nurse assistants), and more.  You can read more on the specifics at Refinery 29!

As a nurse, I will be the first to say nurses are way under-appreciated.  Just in general.  It's a job of long 12 hour shifts (that usually turn in to 14+ hour shifts), and spending all day dealing with traumas, high emotions, high stress, running around, managing hundreds of different medications at once, and maybe eating lunch finally after you clock out at the end of your shift.  It's nice to see nurses of all kinds get some appreciation!  We've got some Chipotle locations in the Capital Region, including right in Stuyvesant Plaza, for you to get hooked up on Tuesday.   Just make sure to bring your badge!

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