This guy is my hero! A true patriarch of the common curtsy world.

According to the a man in Philadelphia has taken matters into his own hands when it comes to rude people on their cell phones. I can relate to the amount of times I’ve been on a train, or in a restaurant, or even at the bank when some asshole was talking loud on their cell phone. “You’re are ordering a burger at Wendy’s, you mean to tell me that you cant hang up the phone for 5 mins? How about having some respect for the person behind the counter and talking to them, since they are the real human being standing right in front of you”! Or how about the dick wads at the gym that have their phone on them and talk between sets. Seriously? This is a place to exercise and pump some plates, not discuss what happened ion last night’s episode of “the Voice”. I hope you all stub your toes!

Just because you own a cell phone doesn’t give you the right to be a complete jackass in public. And that blue tooth attachment doesn’t make your conversation any more meaning full. I think this man is a hero and I wish I had the technology. Thank you cell phone pioneer man!

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