Some marijuana offenders are now being offered a 'Clean Slate' in New York.

The District Attorney's Office of Albany County is offering a "Clean Slate" program according to news 10 abc.  This program can help get rid of a ton of low-level marijuana cases already in process.  By a ton, news 10 abc reported about 1200-1300 cases.  Going even further, it can help wipe out already closed low-level marijuana cases.  This is on top of the fact that as of December 1st, the District Attorney's office is no longer prosecuting low-level marijuana cases.  However, as news 10 abc notes, you can still be arrested for thins such as smoking marijuana in open space, impaired driving (obviously), and any offense involving a child- all of which still are going to be prosecuted.

This could all change of course, as it looks like Governor Cuomo is hoping to make recreational marijuana legal in New York. What are your thoughts?