I'm seeing visions of FREE Ice Cream in your near future...

For nearly 38 years Ben & Jerry's have been showing their thanks to their customers with a beautiful day known as "FREE Cone Day". Which started in 1979 as "a way of thanking everyone for all the love and support they showed {Ben & Jerry's} in their first year of business".

This year's FREE Cone Day is coming up quick! We are less than a week away from being able to enjoy a delicious FREE Ben & Jerry's ice cream cone. I'm giving you ample warning so you can set a reminder on your calendar now. TUESDAY, APRIL 4th between 12pm and 8pm is when you can claim you free cone!

There are two Ben & Jerry's scoop shop locations here in the Capital Region one at 34 Phila Street in Saratoga Springs and the other at 467 Madison Ave. in Albany. The Albany location used to be on Lark St. but moved last year to Madison Ave. just between Lark St. and Washington Park.

Peter Brooks
Peter Brooks

So don't forget to get your free cone and let's hope free cone day will really mark the beginning of spring!?!?!