Things got loud at the Glens Falls Civic Center last night for Gigantour. Lacuna Coil, Volbeat, Motorhead and Megadeth rocked the crowd and left them begging for more.


It wouldn't be a complete night if we didn't have one of the bands drop by the Q studios. When we first learned that Gigantour might be making a stop here in the Albany area back in the fall, we got a call from Volbeat asking us if we would be on board.

The answer was obviously 'hell yes' so we had to have our favorite Danish rockers stop by. Checkout the photos of frontman Michael Poulson visiting with a few lucky listeners, and also photos of the Q103 Q-Tease out at the show.

After Volbeat made their stop it was time to kick things off at the Civic Center. Dalton and myself took the stage with the lovely Jodi to officially start the show and welcome Lacuna Coil to the stage. They put on one hell of a performance too. They would be followed up by Volbeat who continued to warm the crowd up. Once Motorhead came out, forget it. The place went crazy. That only left room for one more band, and that would be Megadeth. Dave and the boys once again put on a great performance for the Civic Center crowd. If you missed it, or just want to relive it, take a look of the photos and get that front row seat you have been dreaming of.

Bonus footage of Mike from Volbeat in studio.