In the animal kingdom, all species choose mates based on traits that signal “genetic superiority.”

Sociologists say that humans have a tendency to unknowingly do the same during the mating process. For example, new research shows women often pick a partner based on a low, sexy voice. Think Barry White first thing in the morning. Before he died obviously but they should be picking the falsetto fellas because can hit more than just the high notes.

A new study – by Leigh Simmons, Marianne Peters, and Gillian Rhodes, showed that men with higher voices had higher sperm counts than their velvety voiced counterparts.

So guys, don’t let that Urkel voice get you down. You are a better mating choice, especially if the lady is interested in making babies. But really, were are you going to find a woman interested in something like that? So get out there you high-pitched hunks and find some ladies looking for a mate.

Maybe just don’t talk that much.

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