A man who went missing from Colonie in early March has been found. Police say 58 year old Daniel Tetreault has been located in Berkeley County, South Carolina. He is reported to be safe and in good condition.

Tetreault was reported missing on March 1st of this year after he did not show up to pick his son up from school that day. Both Tetreault and his car, a 2014 Nissan Frontier, have been missing since. His family said at the time it was very unusual behavior.

He was apparently found this past Sunday, March 27. Police would only confirm that he had been found and did not elaborate on why he disappeared, how he wound up in South Carolina, or what the circumstances were on how he was found. Also no word on if he will be returning to the Capital Region.

Regardless, a very different outcome to what we usually hear about in missing person cases. We're glad to hear he's safe.

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