Imagine this happening to you? What would you do an how would you feel? It's hard to even fathom, but is not as uncommon as you'd think, as a Mississippi man experienced just that. He was presumed dead and just when he was about to be embalmed he awoke in a body bag and made himself known.

78-year-old Lexington resident Walter Williams' was pronounced dead at 9 pm on Wednesday night. He had no sign of a pulse and his family believed he had passed on. The coroner, Dexter Howard, placed him in a body bag and brought him to Porter and Sons Funeral Home in Holmes County, Miss.

The funeral workers got quite the surprise when they unzipped the bag on Thursday morning, however. Walter was alive and kicking, making his presence known.

He was then brought to the hospital where doctors told his family they believed his pacemaker stopped working for unknown reasons, then started itself up again.

It's a good thing his heart started working when it did, otherwise Walter's body would have been prepped for his funeral well before his time was up. Hopefully when his time does come they double check.

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