It's not 'Fake News', but sometimes I wish it were because in this week's installment of Good News Bad News, I talk about things that are happening in the world today that should not be.

More Good News: Wrestlemania 33 was last night and now I can stop trying to watch every Wrestlemania in my spare time. My life can go back to normal.

Bad News: The Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania is the biggest Monday Night Raw of the year. It's pretty much the Week 1' of the WWE season. Just when I think that I'm out, they pull me back in!

Good News for the WWE: The Hardy Boyz are back!

Bad News: Undertaker retired after his match with Roman Reigns last night.

Good News: I did not pig out this year, I only ate half my wings, a slice of pizza and a bag of combos.

Bad News: I may have to explain the smell in the studio to Candace.

Good News: I can blame it on Vinnie!

Bad News: I am the only one in this studio from 5am to 10am.... Vinnie doesn't even get here until like noon.

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