There was once a time when 2022 seemed like the distant future, where humanity was all but certain to be living on other planets – or, at the very least, visiting space stations regularly.

Well, now that the real 2022 has arrived, it's clear things aren’t as futuristic as everyone once dreamed. Still, outer-space tourism and explorations of other planets have garnered plenty of headlines recently, so perhaps we’re not as far from sci-fi society as we think.

Over the years, many movies have based their plots in 2022. Their tales run the gamut of cinematic storytelling – everything from alien battles, to werewolf thrillers, and even a paranormal comedy. If you’re looking for a common theme, it’s this: almost all of them were box office bombs.

Here are 10 movies set in 2022:

Soylent Green (1973)
In the year 2022, natural resources and food supplies are scarce, the world is overpopulated and there is a damaging chasm between the rich and the poor. A company called Soylent provides more than half of the world’s food supply, and when its CEO is murdered, detective Frank Thorn (Charlton Heston), investigates. He discovers that the executive had been troubled by a secret he was preparing to bring to the public regarding the true origin of the company’s most popular food, Soylent Green. Spoiler alert: It’s people!

Among the Shadows (2019)
Political thriller? Check. Murder mystery? Check. Werewolf movie? Check, again. Though the 2019 film Among the Shadows mixed many genres together, it was ultimately unsuccessful in creating a coherent story. The loose plot follows a private detective investigating the murder of her uncle, who worked for the president of the European Federation. The deeper she gets into her mission, the darker and more nefarious things she finds, including conspiracies, assassinations and plots to take over Europe. Oh, and most of the characters are werewolves, except for Lindsay Lohan, who plays a vampire. Among the Shadows currently holds a 2.2 star rating on IMDB out of a possible 10 stars.

The Purge (2013)
The lone blockbuster success story on this list, the original Purge film was based in 2022. It depicted an annual event in which all crime, including murder, was temporarily made legal for the betterment of society and the economy. Ethan Hawke starred as James Sandin, the patriarch of a wealthy family who tries to stave off the invasion of violent purgers. Part slasher film, part social commentary, The Purge was made for just $3 million, but took in nearly $90 million worldwide. It spawned four sequels and a TV show, with the entire franchise grossing over $450 million since 2013.

Geostorm (2017)
A slew of climate-controlling satellites are launched into space to help control the effects of global warming. Of course, the only thing more powerful than mother nature is human greed. A power hungry politician attempts to take over America (and, essentially, the world) by infecting the satellites with a computer virus. Bizarre weather disasters are launched all over the world – including hailstorms in Tokyo, a tsunami in Dubai and a heatwave in Moscow. Satellite designer and International Climate Space Station commander Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler) is the only man who can save humanity, but will he be able to do it in time? Released in 2017, Geostorm was roundly panned by critics. "The only thing more reliable than bad weather is bad movies, and in that respect, Geostorm is right on forecast," VarietyHollywood Reporter described Geostorm as "big, dumb and boring.”

Alien Intruder (1993)
“In the year 2022 we make contact … Too bad.” That's the tag line given to this 1993 sci-fi film, and if you think the slogan makes little sense, wait until you hear the plot. A spaceship captain, played by Billy Dee Williams, is sent on a rescue mission. His crew is made up of convicts who agree to participate in exchange for their freedom. While on their journey through space, each person spends time visiting virtual-reality worlds, ranging from the '50s to the Old West. During these sessions, they also get to have sex with their respective VR dream girls. Eventually, a sensual alien invades both the VR world and the real world, pitting crew members against each other. Low budget, minimal script, but with plenty of nudity, Alien Intruder was a quintessential early ‘90s direct-to-video release.

No Escape (1994)
Ex-Marine John Robbins, played by Ray Liotta, is sentenced to life in prison for killing his commanding officer after refusing to open fire against civilians. In this dystopian vision of 2022, the highest-security prison is called Absolom, an island where the world’s worst criminals are exiled. Robbins is sent there and quickly discovers that convicts on the island have separated into two warring groups, the Outsiders and the Insiders. After first escaping the Outsiders and their murderous leader, the ex-Marine forms an alliance with the Insiders and works to escape the hell of Absolom. Though No Escape was a low-budget action flick that failed to garner much attention, director Martin Campbell went on to helm such Hollywood blockbusters as The Mask of Zorro, and the James Bond pictures GoldenEye and Casino Royale.

The Dark Side of the Moon (1990)
A group sent to space on a routine repair mission find themselves in danger when their own ship malfunctions and sends them hurtling toward the dark side of the moon. While drifting in space, they happen upon a shuttle that was lost more than 30 years ago. Upon boarding the vessel, the crew becomes over taken by a malevolent force. Somehow the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil are involved – but somebody else probably needs to explain it, because we still can’t figure that part out.

Time Runner (1993)
It’s Mark Hamill in a sci-fi film, but not in his iconic Luke Skywalker role. Instead, he plays Michael Raynor, a military space captain battling an alien invasion in – you guessed it – 2022. As the enemy is closing in, Raynor uses a space-station escape pod that gets sucked into a wormhole, sending him back to 1992. Once he realizes what has happened, Raynor sets out to change history, attempting to track down the future president of Earth in hopes of preventing the alien invasion before it ever occurs.

Deathwave (2009)
This disaster film was inspired by the real-life tsunami that devastated Taiwan in 2004. Based 18 years later, Deathwave depicts Thai scientists working with the prime minister to prepare an alarm system designed to save lives in the case of another natural disaster. Problems and several false alarms cause the public to question the accuracy of the system – but nothing prepares the nation for the “Death Wave” that strikes during one of the country’s most popular festivals.

Hell Baby (2013)
Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, two of the men behind comedy show Reno 911!, collaborated on the horror parody Hell Baby. In the film, a couple expecting their first child moves to New Orleans and purchases a home, only to discover it's haunted. The ensemble cast included Rob Corddry, Keegan-Michael Key, Riki Lindhome, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, Michael Ian Black and Kumail Nanjiani. But despite featuring a long list of very funny people, Hell Baby missed the mark. The comedy only earned approximately $367,000 with theatrical, DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD sales combined.

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