Right before Cinco De Mayo!  The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has announced a voluntary recall of multiple brands of tortilla chips.  According to the FDA, certain Good Health, Utz, Golden Flake, and Weis brand tortilla chips are being recalled because of the concern of a possible undeclared milk allergen.   If you're not sure if this applies to you (or the chips you may have bought in preparation of Cinco de Mayo weekend), head to the official FDA recall posting for all of the specific product information.

As someone who has a food allergy, I'm glad to see these products being voluntarily recalled because of the concern.  I know what happens when I accidentally ingest my allergen, and it's not pleasant.  I also have a close friend who has multiple devastating food allergies, that have caused hospitalization, so even though unlabeled milk may not seem like a big deal, you never know.  Let's hope this doesn't effect any of you and you get to enjoy your tortilla chips (and maybe some cold beer too) this weekend!

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