Think about it. Troy has a lustrous past. Plagued by a negative reputation that in my own opinion, is unwarranted.

Ten years or so ago, seeing Dinosaur Barbeque enter the city was a huge boost. It brought so many people into the Collar city that may not have come otherwise. Not to mention being in one of the most beautiful parts of Troy. That isn't all. Seeing Wolff's Biergarten expand into Troy kitty corner to Dino BBQ was a welcome addition too.

These are a few things. Add in all of the things the city has done. Little minute details. Remember some years ago seeing the brick pavers added into the crosswalks downtown? How about the small Uncle Sam statues? They also have numerous new buildings and revitalized buildings.

Also, no other town can say that one of America's greatest heroes is buried there. That being Uncle Sam. The whole reason behind the miniature statues.

Sure, there are most definitely some bad areas. Sure you may have heard horrible things and the term Troy-let. But these are unfair in my opinion. I love my city. Born and raised in a town rich in history. Plus, Browns. Need I say more.

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