'Napoleon Dynamite' is celebrating it's 15 year anniversary as a movie.

Included in the celebrations?  A screening in the Capital Region complete with 'Napoleon' and 'Pedro' on-site for a discussion.  CBS 6 Albany reports that stars Jon Heder, who portrayed the unique and quirky Napoleon, and Efren Ramirez- his best friend Pedro- will be on-site at the screening.

The event is going to be happening October 17th at The Egg.  Released in 2004 (Yes, 2004.  Scary it was that long ago), 'Napoleon Dynamite' was a huge hit coming out of nowhere.  A random story about an 'odd duck', the movie was full of memorable one-liners, stand-out characters, and perfectly-fitting but bizarre scenarios.  I for one am looking forward to this, as I loved the movie.  You can get more info here.