Stanisław Kowalski recently became the oldest man in European history to complete a 100 Meter dash at the age of 104-years-old. At over a century old, Kowalski finished the race in 32.79 seconds. I’m not a professional football scout, but I feel like those are recruiting-worthy numbers, right? reported on this record-breaking man, who only started running at the age of 92. I feel like if I ever reach the age of 92, running is on my “never do again” list.

Kowalski told people he was able to maintain such good health for so long by following two easy rules. He said he has never seen a doctor and he always did whatever he liked. So if you want to live for nearly “forever,” then do what you please and tell the doctor to buzz off. Who are you going to believe when it comes to healthcare? Some snooty ivy league educated white coat or a crazy old man who runs a 32.79 second 100M?