It’s track season in Saratoga!

You have to admit- there are some pretty awesome things about the Saratoga Race Course. Now, obviously there are more than five great things about the Saratoga Race Course, and there are tons of different things to enjoy at the track.  But here are five of my favorite!

  • 1

    The Food

    From The Kabob Shack with delicious cheesecake and strawberry-banana kabobs, to the MacTruck, the food at the Saratoga Race Course is delicious.  Cheesecake on a stick? Yes please! Pork tacos? Yup! Chicken Mac and cheese? Uh huh.  Even if you don’t like horse racing, go for the food!

  • 2

    Fourstardave Sports Bar

    Don’t like standing?  Don’t want to be stuck in a crowd? Don’t want to miss out on the action? No problem! At Fourstardave Sports Bar, you’re right on the track, with 60 flat screens to catch all the races, and can reserve a table so you can relax and just enjoy.  There’s food, drinks, and more!

  • 3

    The History

    The Saratoga Race Course has a long history, proudly displayed throughout the premesis and around the Grandstand.  You can come to watch races, but lose yourself in history.

  • 4


    Hats, hats, and more hats!  From an annual hat contest to hats on sale near the Grandstand, it’s honestly fun just to be able to see what kinds of creations people are wearing.  Would I wear them all?  Maybe not.  Do I enjoy them? Absolutely!

  • 5

    The Stretch

    If you want to go all out and get fancy, go for The Stretch. At the top of th Grandstand, ‘The Stretch’ is the new exclusive bar with food, cocktails, and touch screen betting.  You got to overlook the track, chow on delicious food, and get to feel like you’re on “Lifestyles of this Rich and Famous” at once!  If you’re gonna do it up, do it up big!