The 518 is now the 518 and the 838.

LDProd/ Thinkstock

Get ready to have to use multiple area codes to get a hold of you friends and family in the Capital Region.

I mean we knew it was coming and they have been making us have to use 1 + the area code in order to call anyone in the area over the last couple of months but today the new Capital Region area code is officially in effect. Welcome to the land of the 518 and the 838.

On the up side both area codes totally have the same ring to them (pun intended) when you say them out loud.  Plus the new area code is only for new numbers given out in the Capital Region from now on. However in order to make any call local or not you do have to dial 1 + the area code to actually make that happen.

So if you have been picking up the phone to call into the studio and haven't been able to get through it may be that you need to add that 1 +518 in there. Wouldn't want you to miss out on any opportunities to win or anything.