As you may already know, the 518 is running out of phone numbers. Say goodbye to not needing area codes when you dial.

Yay, we must be a big metropolis. A new area code coming in the form of 838. Well, it will be just a touch of a hassle. The times of dialing using just 7 numbers is coming to an end. My thought was, well if you are dialing a 518 number why do you have to dial 518? Well to be honest, I have no clue. You just do sadly. Hopefully your cell phone has all of the numbers saved with the extra three digits.

This is one of the casualties of war so to say with the capital region having so many phone numbers. I personally hate it. Not that it matters too much but I will preach first world problems on this matter. The date you will need to dial the additional 518 to the phone number within that area code will be August 19th. For those of you who may not be on track with time, next Saturday. Thank you 838.