Somethings are not always as they appear, such is the case of a soon to open Honey Dew Donuts shop in Quincy, Massachusetts. Honey Dew Donuts is set to open a new location and has agreed to not sell what they are best known for, doughnuts. This is because the new location of this store will be inside a brand new YMCA. The Y has a strict wellness and healthy eating policy and selling doughnuts within the Y walls would be somewhat counterproductive.

“The shop will sell coffee, low-fat muffins, salads, sandwiches, yogurt, fruit cups and smoothies…” -spokeswoman for the Y, TU

So if you want something sugary with a high calorie count you can have it. In fact you can eat any unhealthy food you wan just as long as it is not circular shaped.

I used to work for the YMCA and vouch for their healthy life style policies. I have seen them ask a family to pack up their fast food meal and not eat it in the facility. I do not think this is a bad thing, in fact I commend these actions. when promoting a healthy life style there is no reason to go backwards.