The black bears of New York State are coming out of hibernation and they are hungry. According to the National Park Service, the first thing these sleepy guys will do is search for food. WGNA suggests several ways to keep your family and pets safe and avoid bear-human contact.

Recently there was one bear-human contact that was unavoidable, and proved to be life saving, as an officer used a hoodie to rescue 2 stranded bear cubs.

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On Friday March 31st, according to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), officers received reports of two bear cubs that were stranded and motherless next to the Metro-North Railroad in Pawling, NY. indicates that most bear cubs that appear to be abandoned are not. Typically mom is nearby looking for food and has left the cubs at a “babysitter tree.” In this case, however DEC officer Franz determined these two cubs were indeed motherless and needed help.

Officer Franz met with a railroad employee and walked one-half mile down the tracks to where the cubs were reported. ECO Franz eventually found the cubs huddled together in nearby bushes. So, how does one collect 2 black bear cubs and get them to safety? Use a hoodie!

Officer Franz wrapped both cubs in a hooded sweatshirt, gathered them up and got them away from the tracks. Officials from the wildlife rehabilitation center, Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center, were called to assess the cubs heath. It was determined that the pair are in good condition and expected to recover.

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