In 2022 Governor Hochul announced 'Jails to Jobs', a new initiative to help former New York State prisoners transition from incarceration to the workforce and reduce the tendency of a convicted criminal to repeat their crimes.

Hochul's Jails to Job project has already offered inmates access to higher education, career planning and job placement. To date, approximately 300 former inmates have received state-issued ID's prior to release from prison. Are there more to follow? Yes.

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Just this week, according to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), more than 300 non-driver ID's have been issued to individuals released from Department of Corrections and Community Supervision custody. This is just one phase of a project designed to help former prisoners get a job upon release.

Individuals who have served their time deserve the opportunity to rejoin society as productive members, yet they often struggle to obtain a basic photo ID, which is required for many things that we all take for granted, such as the ability to secure housing or employment. Providing NDID cards to these individuals prior to their release is one way we can help make the return back into society easier. - DMV Commissioner Mark J.F. Schroeder.

The Department of Corrections and Community Supervision also works directly with the DMV to help eligible incarcerated individuals renew their driver license. If the individual had a valid license prior to incarceration, they won't need to reapply at a DMV office.

Both the non-driver ID's and the valid drivers licenses will be mailed directly to the facility and available upon release. All 43 state-run correctional facilities are expected to be participating by the end of October.

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