New legislation just signed by the Governor will try to eliminate the most maddening thing that you absolutely hate about your phone.

Think about this for a minute. How many times a day does your phone ring and a random number pops up. Your first thought is to ignore it, but then your mind starts wandering. What if it is important? What if someone I know is in need? What if it is an old friend?

Then you answer the phone, and it is most likely a recorded message saying you need to extend your vehicle's warranty. Which is still in effect by the way! We have all been there, and these random calls derail us throughout the day.

Well, the good news is New York is doing something about it - and I think this is a law EVERYONE will get behind! I don't think anyone will be saying 'government overreach' on this one!

New State Legislation To Crackdown On Robocalls

Governor Hochul's office announced yesterday (Tues. November 8th) that she has signed legislation to bolster a federal plan to fight robocalls and that the new law will "...require telecommunication companies to block robocalls from certain numbers to prevent unwanted robocalls across additional providers." So basically, it will be up to whatever company provides your phone service to block spam calls and the law will also give them the authority to do so.

I just hope the phone companies deliver on their end to stop the robo and spam call madness! If they do the great news is you will have fewer distractions every day coming from your phone. Now if you could just do something about that Instagram or Tik Tok addiction!

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