Not just an invention but also arguably the best invention known to man, well and woman too.

If you couldn't make the assumption on what the invention New York is most famous for it is none other than toilet paper. So, see what I mean when I say that it could be the best invention known to man? I mean it is far better than using leaves or magazine pages by far.

Joseph Gayetty is who is most widely credited with the invention of the commonly used item in the mid-1800's. Also to be known, Seth Wheeler in the late 1800's is who received the first patents for the product.

Sure it's not a cell phone. It's not a car or a television. Those are all things you could live without. I mean you could live without toilet paper I suppose but may not want to. TP is also something that everyone uses, not just most. Also, it is one of the few free things at public places.

Thank's New York!!!

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