New York, a hotbed of mixed cuisine. So many ethnicities call this state home and somehow this food is the most popular in the state? I don't buy it.

So many amazing foods, good or bad have come out of New York. I wrote some time ago about the most disgusting food from the state being Rochester's beloved garbage plate. I disagree with that statement. I also am choosing to disagree with what Buzzfeed is saying is the food of New York. Because It just isn't

Bagels, maybe I am being a little too serious about this issue. How on earth isn't the food that New Yorkers love the most Buffalo Wings? This seems like another instance where New York City is representing the entire state. Bagels are huge, massive in New York City. In fairness, bagels are cool and popular in Upstate New York too. I still would say Buffalo Wings are the food of New York though.

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