This weekend is the divisional round of the NFL playoffs and man are there some great match ups, particularly in the AFC.  Don't knock the NFC just yet, I am willing to bet those games will be exciting in their own way.

So its time for the second week of the NFL playoffs and some teams have sneaked into this round.  The Seattle Seahawks brought their A game last week against the Saints. This week they have the Chicago Bears, a much tougher defense and an offense, that when operating properly, proves to be explosive.  This one will be good, but I think that the Bears slow down the Seattle train, 34-17.

The other NFC game has the two most fundamentally sound teams in the game.  The Green Bay Packers, and the Atlanta Falcons.  Nothing flashy from either one of these teams, they just get it done.  Atlanta proved all year that's all they needed to succeed in that tough NFC south.  Green Bay battled injury after injury and last week may have finally found a replacement for RB Ryan Grant in James Starks who ran all over the Philadelphia Eagles (yes still a soar subject with me).  The two quarterbacks are ballers though.  Aaron Rodgers is able to get the ball out quick and he can run it making him hard for defenses to stop.  Matt Ryan has a cannon and sneak the ball into spots for his receivers to grab even when in double coverage.  This won't be too high scoring, but I think Green Bay will continue on by a score of 17-14.

In the AFC we have 4 teams ready to hurt each other.  Brady and the Pats get ready to battle Sanchez and the Jets.  The Jets have been talking trash all week and the Patriots have not bitten.  New England beat the hell of Rex and his boys last time they met in Foxboro and I think with the way Brady is playing right now, they will have to bring in some serious weapons to stop him.  I don't like how Mark Sanchez passes the ball and if the Patriots go up by a couple scores the Jets will be forced to pass.  I think New England once again out plays New York and wins this one 37-10.

Now we have the Steelers and the Ravens.  This is going to be one hell of a game.  Both defenses are ready to kill the opposing QB.  I like Baltimore in this one.  Ed Reed has proved to be better than Troy Palblahblah and the Ravens running game is far superior with Ray Rice and Willis McGahee.  Joe Flaco is a much better passer than Big Ben, but it's hard to predict what Ben will bring to the table. Not going to be a high scoring one but the Ravens do win it, 14-10.