Sadly, we are nearing the end of football season. Only 4 more weekends of football and then we have nothing for 6 months until the preseason starts again. In addition, there’s the possibility of a lockout. So this may be it for a while, but these next two weeks are supposed to be the best the NFL has to offer. So let’s make some cash! What do you say? If you’ve been following along with my picks against Keisha, you may be a little reluctant to go with me, and I can understand that. In my own defense though, I generally don’t pick games straight up. I’m an against the spread guy. That’s how most of us do it in the gambling world. So of the 4 games this weekend, I like 2 of them.

New Orleans at Seattle:

1st thing to remember is that no team is ever as good, or as bad as they looked the week before, and believe me, I know how bad Seattle looked last week! Fortunately, Matt Hasselbeck is back, and he certainly gives me more confidence than Whitehurst would in my investment. The Hawks have been hearing all week that they don’t belong in the playoffs with a sub-500 record. That is some big-time inspiration when the whole world is against you. In addition, at times the Saints have looked like the super bowl champions that they are, but there have been many times that they haven’t. They are down 2 running backs, and most NFL guys will tell you, it all starts with the run. Lastly, I believe Seattle has a little history on their side. I have not technically read this stat myself, but I’m quite sure I’ve heard a few times that New Orleans has NEVER won a playoff game on the road. I know I’ve never seen them win one!

Seahawks +10 ½

Green bay at Philadelphia:

It’s funny, I’ve hated a few times on Aaron Rodgers this year, and every time I did I backed it up with “Yeah, he’s the best QB to never win a playoff game.” But I think his time is now. Michael Vick looked like the man of the year in the middle of the season, but as they say, “It’s a copycat league” and it appears that teams have figured out how to clamp down on him. These teams met in week one with GB getting the win, and that was when they weren’t prepared to face Vick, as Kevin Kolb was the named starter before his injury. Knowing what they’re up against will give them a better edge than the previous matchup. And to top things off, the power ratings that I look at says that the Pack is 5 points better than the Eagles. Knowing that they’re getting points is some true value, which is something that every good handicapper is always looking!

Packers +2 ½

Best of luck,