After 67 years of lampooning anything and everything you won't be able to find Mad magazine because they are closing their warped doors forever. It's going the same way that Cracked magazine went in 2007. Sad, it's an end of an era for me.

Although, I haven't picked up an issue in years I still have my favorite issue from Mad Magazine. It was 1976 and it was a great spoof on JAWS. Jaws is my all time favorite movie. I was staying at my grand parents house in Michigan and my Uncle Dave was there with me. He had a huge collection of Mad, Cracked and National Lampoon magazines. From that moment I was hooked. I spent that entire week thumbing through those magazines. Spy vs Spy, The Lighter Side of..., Don Martin Gags and of course the Fold-In on the back cover. Those were my favorites! One image on a page becomes another once you fold the two sides of the page.

Mad Magazine has said that after issue 10 of this years run there will not be any more new content in the magazine. They are going to do new magazine covers with old pages within them for the remainder of the year. Also, you won't find Mad magazine in the normal places like grocery stores, convenient stores...etc. It will only be available in comic book shops.

So if you have any old Mad Magazines tucked away in the back of your closet, hang onto them I believe prices on eBay will be going up! They aren't getting my Jaws issue, ever!