No Shave November started out for me as a way to raise awareness for the Colon Cancer Alliance but is also now a "fashion statement" (I suppose) for me after reading an article that says men with beards are seen as more attractive.

The article sites that beards and mustaches have become a mainstay for a majority of men ages 20-30 as these facial hair features are now more mainstream and seen as trendy. Which is a good thing as a new study from Evolution & Human Behavior says that men with beards are seen as more attractive then those clean shaven.

The study showed women five different pictures of the same man, each at a different stage of beard growth from "Day 5 stubble" to a full-on beard. They were then asked to rate each picture based on the following criteria: attractiveness, masculinity, health, and possible parenting ability.

The conclusion? That the women found most attractive were the men who were at the "(Day 10) heavy stubble" phase.

So maybe I need to keep my beard even after No Shave November is done. Hmmm



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