They have finally perfected the treeless female pee with the Go Girl Female Urination Device. Glad someone was able to put curing cancer on hold and solve one of the world’s true issues, outdoor female urination.

Before this Go Girl device outdoor peeing was the one thing guys had over girls. As men we literally can whip it out any where we want and let our self’s go and be almost 100% sure our feet will stay dry. Sure girls can always go outside if they choose, but what a process it is. If you’re a girl and you’re wearing pants, you would have to go down to the ankles, then grab a poll or a car door and burn your hammies in a deep squatted position. Not to mention even the deepest of squats still doesn’t insure that your feet will stay dry.

The new Go Girl Female Urination Device is going to revolutionize the night life scene. Think about it ladies, no more long lines, no more hovering over a completely wet seat and no more having to build your own nest out of toilet paper. This new Go Girl Device is going to keep you in the conversation longer when you find that you no longer have to walk away from that cute guy who is buying you drinks. No longer do you have to risk losing the guy you are interested in by walking through the crowded bar and getting separated. But if you so happen to get separated, the guy can always sniff you out by following the strong sent coming from your purse.