Feminist are not happy with the design of the urinals in the Rolling Stones Fan Museum in Germany… well ladies, you cant always get what you want. Boom-shock-a-locka!

According to the Huffington Post a growing number of people and more directly Feminist are “pissed” about the clever urinals (pun totally intended). The urinals are modeled after the rolling stones logo, a pouty pair of red lips. But the tongue has been removed so that you can target the stream into the moth better.

I can’t understand why the women are so angry. Is it because the original Rolling Stones logo was modeled after Mick Jagger’s lips and by pissing into a man’s mouth they feel left out? Perhaps they are saying that men aren’t the only ones who loved to be pissed on. If this is the case I have no problem making things right. If this feminist group feels so left out I would gladly unzip and show them a little appreciation all over their face. You can’t get no satisfaction? Well around me ladies, you can get a mouth full… pending how much I have had to drink that day of course.