Ok, well you wouldn't exactly think that an office building would be prone to this issue but in fact, one of the state buildings is dealing with it.

This is something that would really aggravate me if I was an employee of the state of New York in this certain building. You could then bring home these pesky minute insects and then infest your own domicile with them. That would anger me to no end.

The New York State Comptrollers office is the location of these critter taking over. The 8th floor of a building to be very exact. The Comptroller Tom DiNapoli actually said that there was an isolated incident. According to the article written by News 10, this issue is being resolved, not without some concerned employees.

“Hundreds of people work in the building and it is so easy for those nasty pests to travel.” It’s signed by a “concerned employee". - NEWS 10

The offices resolving the issue are also stating that employees also make sure their home is free of the insects to avoid contamination all over again.

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