That whole Polar Vortex thing wasn't too much fun to deal with.  Even though it's not surprising to have cold temperatures during the winter in New York.  However, it looks like some bugs survived, and some may have not made the cut.

Oddly enough, I read a list on PestWorld about bugs and the Polar Vortex.  For us in the Northeast, I hate to break it you but bed bugs and cockroaches probably weren't affected by the cold.  Bed bugs are mostly inside, though according to this article they can't handle the cold temperature, and cockroaches- I'm pretty sure they'll withstand the Apocalypse.

However, according to this post, the Northeast such as the emerald ash borer and southern pine beetle don't survive the cold temperatures and they probably die off.  Also, they discussed a research study showing that 95% of the stink bugs that didn't find shelter from the cold temps were killed.  As for mosquitoes, ants, and termites? Probably still alive.  You can read more at PestWorld.


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