Not only is a commerical kitchen opening up, but a lot of jobs are being creating as well.

The Capital Region food staple, the Oboy, is going to be made accessible to many many more people.  According to News Channel 13, Esperanto is going to be opening a huge commerical kitchen to manufacture Oboys.  By huge, News Channel 13 describes the new facility as having the capacity to make thousands of Oboys per day, and something that will create 40 new jobs in the Capital Region.

I have to say, that second part makes me like this news even more.  I am all about how good food can be (yes I love to eat), and this is a staple of the Capital Region.  But I also am all about supprting local workers and local businesses, so the idea of creating jobs in the Capital Region is a great thing.  You can get more info and check out the history of the Oboy here.

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