It's definitely not quite spring yet!

The Capital Region sure had it easy this winter with one of the most minimal snowfalls on record to date. We have been really lucky with all the extremely warm days this winter, especially in the last few weeks. However, it would appear that old man winter didn't want to let us get off that easy!

We knew as of late last week we were going to get some snow today but it was initially thought that it would be in the form of a likely dusting and more of an annoyance than an actual snow day. Boy were those early reports a bit off!

I figured I'd wake up today and have to scrape some ice off the windshield I was not prepared for non stop snow all day! I have to be honest, even though I was totally in spring mode and ready for shorts and sandals season, there's something kind of calming and majestic about the snow. Well, unless you have to be out on the roads all day.

Although it's nice to have a bit of snow before spring officially hits  it sure has made a mess of things on the roadways. I saw lots of reports of accidents all over the Capital Region the worst , as of now, was a 10 car pile up in Sartoga Springs. One passing motorist busted out there phone to record how bad that one was (which you can watch HERE). Personally I wouldn't recommend filming while driving, seems like an accident waiting to happen to me. Take your time out there and get home safely!

We did take sometime today to step outside and enjoy the snow day. Partly because we haven't got to really enjoy snow yet this year and partly because the AC in our studio was stuck on and we needed to warm up a bit!