Lot's of cool things are going on in the sky over the Capital Region this weekend!

The Annual Perseid Meteor Shower
Ethan Miller /Getty Images

So yesterday we told you about how your best chance to see Uranus with the naked eye was last night. However, the planet is still supposed to be visible throughout the weekend. But that's not the only cool thing you may see in the sky this weekend!

Apparently Haley's Comet is making it's way around the Earth right now, something that only happens about every 75 years! According to Space.com as the comet makes it's way around the sun it leaves behind a trail of "comet crumbs" and during the months of October and November these "crumbs" are known as the Orionid Meteor Shower.

It just so happens that the Earth is hitting these "crumbs" almost head on right now and since it is the first quarter moon the meteors won't have moonlight to hide them from us. Experts say that this weekend (October 21st and 22nd) at about 2am is the best time to catch a glimpse of the meteors streaking across the sky!

However, I did read that yesterday people in Connecticut reported seeing a flaming streak in the sky in broad daylight! So if you see some crazy things in the sky this weekend don't be to alarmed it's just Haley's Comet blowing some stardust our way!

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