An unfortunate change has come to Cohoes.

After 47 years, the Cohoes Community Center has shut down.  According to News Channel 13, the Community Center has to shut down due to finances, and was about  $450,000 in debt.  The closure is a huge hit to the area, since- as News Channel 13 reported- 72 employees are out of a job.  On top of that, almost 30 kids will need to find a new spot for daycare.

This doesn’t seem like it was a surprise though.  News Channel 13 reported that the Cohoes Community Center reached out to Assem. John McDonald about their being a lack of funds.  Things are being investigated, but either way the situation seems like a hit all around.

Luckily it looks like there’s support in place from the community for all of those who lost their jobs.  The Boys and Girls Club reportedly reached out with job opportunities, and the Department of Labor is helping out.  You can get more information at News Channel 13.